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Fuel Reliability

The majority of engine failures are due to the damaging effects of contaminated fuel. Contamination, such as dirt, rust, and other forms of particulate, create abrasive wear throughout the fuel system – and most critically – the fuel injectors. This wear allows for more fuel to pass into the combustion chamber when it shouldn’t which can lead to engine knocking, hot spots, increased fuel consumption, excessive exhaust temperatures, increased emissions, and downtime.

Fuel Management

Organizations around the globe expect their fuel systems to function as intended. If they don’t, the results can be catastrophic to business and, in some cases, lives. We all can agree that downtime isn’t an option, yet reality shows there are natural and systematic flaws in diesel fuel systems that leave many vulnerable. The intelligent approach to securing a reliable fuel system requires one to ensure the proper operation of all components. And yes, that includes your diesel fuel.

Enclosed Fuel Maintenance System

Enclosed Fuel Maintenance Systems (STS) are equipped with NEMA rated enclosures for outdoor use. These systems are preferable when whether and harsh elements are a concern.

Automated Fuel Maintenance System

Automated Fuel Maintenance Systems (FPS) are specifically designed for compact installations where space is limited, such as inside gen-set enclosures or marine applications.

Solar Powered Fuel Maintenance System

Solar Fuel Maintenance

Solar Powered Fuel Maintenance Systems (SFM) are designed for remote locations that have no access to power and require a maintenance solution for maintaining fuel integrity.

Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems

Mobile Fuel Polishing

Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems (MTC) are intended for on site periodic fuel polishing and remediation. These systems are perfect for independent contractors looking to enter the fuel polishing industry.

Fuel Transfer System

Fuel Transfer Systems

Fuel Transfer Systems (FTS) are automated self-monitoring solutions for mission critical applications with the intent of ensuring that the engine has fuel when it needs it most.

Day Tank System

Day Tank Systems

Day Tank Systems (DTS) are designed to store ready-use fuel for backup engine applications on site. Options are available with integrated transfer pumps.

LG-X Fuel Conditioner

Inline Fuel Conditioners

Inline Magnetic Fuel Conditioners (LG-X) stabilize and condition fuel by reducing the size and mass of fuel particle clusters while also catching metallic particulate from storage tanks.

Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives

Broad Spectrum Fuel Additives (AFC) clean injection systems, remove and prevent carbon build up, lower emissions, stabilize fuel for up to 12 months, and improve overall fuel economy.

Complete Fuel
System Integration

AXI International‘s complete fuel management solution