Intelligent Fuel
Maintenance Systems

Fuel filtration made smart with process automation, facility integration, and robust system options.

FPS LX-F Compact Fuel Maintenance System

AXI International has provided equipment to notable companies such as Amazon, Mastercard, Google, NASA, Verizon, Chase, Ford, Facebook, and Microsoft

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COVID-19: AXI International Update

Fort Myers, Fla. (March 25, 2020) – AXI International is considered to be an essential business and will remain open and in full operation during this time. With the development…

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Intelligent Fuel Management® Solutions

For over 20 years, AXI International has engineered some of the best fuel system solutions with a total fuel management approach in mind. We provide facilities with fully automated systems that seamlessly integrate with each other and the respective facilities they serve. From fuel filling and transfer to ready-use day tank storage and automated filtration, AXI International can effectively cover the full spectrum of your fuel management needs.

Engineering Services

AXI International backs its diverse line of fuel management solutions with customer centric engineering services that go beyond product support in seeking to provide the optimal solution(s) for your unique needs.

Fuel Site Consultation

AXI International’s engineering consultants provide in-depth guidance for the integration of our fuel management systems to meet or exceed your facility’s needs for fuel maintenance, transfer, storage, and supply.

Fuel Tank Analysis

Utilizing powerful simulation software, AXI International’s engineering team provides detailed flow analysis and tank optimization services for enhanced fuel polishing and maintenance.

System Commissioning

Upon the sale of a system, customers can request for onsite commissioning led by one of our trained AXI International specialists to confirm correct installation and ensure proper functionality.

Technical Support

AXI International provides complimentary technical support to our customers. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday (8am – 5pm EST). For contact information click the link below.

Fuel Reliability

When left untreated, diesel fuel can degrade and develop contaminants that threaten the reliability of the system it is supplying. Premature filter clogging and system wear are some of the major symptoms linked to contaminated fuel. Maintaining fuel cleanliness can help prevent unexpected system maintenance and costly downtime. To learn more about the importance of fuel cleanliness and reliability head over to AXI University for educational articles and videos.

The AXI Ecosystem

AXI International’s systems are designed for plug and play integration among each other to form a complete set of fuel management solutions.

Graphic of a complete fuel management system on a generator which includes ready-use fuel storage, fuel transfer, fuel filling, and fuel filtration.

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