There are a number of people that don’t believe fuel additives work. This could be for a number of reasons, like not noticing a
difference in their vehicle, or, in the case of combustion catalysts, just not being able to see the combustion event with their own
eyes. At this point, there really are just two things that can be done about it. Believe blindly that the fuel additive works, or prove it.
We chose to prove it.

AXI International manufactures a line of broad spectrum fuel additives that delivers improved fuel combustion, increased fuel
lubricity, increased performance, increased fuel economy, and extended life of the engine.  As one of AXI’s flagship products, the
AFC series of fuel additives has delivered these results for over 20 years.  Although AFC has gained international recognition, we
occasionally come across individuals that are hard pressed to believe it can execute as we claim.

This demonstration we’ve conducted shows AFC’s ability to aid in the combustion process.  We’ve done so by burning two fuel
lamps side by side.  Both fuel lamps will contain gasoline, with one lamp treated with our powdered fuel additive (for the sake of
this demonstration, we are using gasoline, but AFC will work in diesel as well).  The difference between the two flames are clear to
see.  The untreated fuel isn’t able to completely consume the fuel, therefore releasing the fuel into the smoke.  The treated fuel
burns far  cleaner.