AXI International Launches New Technology that Dramatically Reduces Contaminants

Posted February 10, 2015 by Michelle Anderson

Fort Myers, Fla. (February 10, 2015) – AXI International, a global leader in intelligent fuel management and fuel purification systems, has redesigned their TK-240 mobile fuel polishing system that reduces the amount of particulate, such as dirt, sludge, and other forms of contamination.

The TK-240 restores fuel to a pristine condition by implementing a multi-stage filtration process that reconditions, stabilizes, and decontaminates diesel and biofuel.

This system is used for cleaning tanks, polishing and transferring diesel fuel, light oil, coolants, hydraulic and other fluids. It is a best used for servicing generators, trucks, buses, vessels, agricultural, mining and other heavy equipment.

For those using the original system, AXI has created a “retro-fit” kit to bring their TK-240 up to the new standard.

“This system successfully reduces fuel contaminant, protecting both the fuel and the environment,” said Jeff Poirier, COO of AXI International.

As with all new technologies, AXI consulted with customers to innovate a new system that provides specific solutions to their needs.

“We listen and we respond. Our flexible and dynamic approach enables us to recognize our customers’ individual needs and quickly create the right solution for each job,” concluded Poirier.

More About AXI International

AXI International, an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau, designs, engineers, and manufactures pre-configured and custom-built fuel solutions.

They work side by side with customers, architects, engineering firms, and facility management companies to create innovative and fully automated fuel optimization and maintenance systems.

Established in 1980, AXI International is headquartered in Fort Myers, Fla. and serves clients from around the globe.

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