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Mobile Fuel Polishing Trailer
(MTC Trailer)

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AXI International’s Mobile Fuel Polishing Trailers are customizable solutions for tank filtration and diesel fuel maintenance that allows uninterrupted tank servicing in one complete package. Available with a variety of MTC high capacity (HC) fuel polishing systems, these trailers increase maneuverability of heavy-duty fuel filtration equipment, allowing for easier access to bulk fuel storage tanks.

Concession Window for Accessibility

All MTC trailers feature a concession window to easily access and route fuel polishing hoses to and from the heavy-duty fuel polishing system to the tank being serviced.

Tongue Mounted Diesel Generator

A portable generator provides power for both the polishing system and the trailer itself, allowing technicians the ability to utilize additional electronic devices, tools, and lighting.

Dual Axle Trailer with Electronic Brakes

With an axel rating of 5,400 to 7,200 pounds per axle, the MTC trailer includes electronic dual axle brakes to allow for safe on-road transport between fuel polishing sites.

Practical Features & Trailer Options

All MTC trailers include features that improve trailer workability, including a tool chest, work bench, hose storage, pegboard storage, waste oil drum, and more.

MTC Trailer Configurator:

      Concession Window

      Easy System Access

      Utilize the concession window for easy routing of hoses to and from the mounted mobile polishing system. Conduct fuel polishing services in any lighting condition with exterior work lights next to the concession window. 

      Tongue Mounted Generator

      Portable Trailer Power

      Power the trailer and onboard fuel polishing system with a tongue mounted diesel generator. Use multiple 120V receptacles to power other electronic equipment and power tools.   

      Dual Axles & Electronic Breaks

      Safe System Transport

      Safely transport mobile fuel polishing equipment from site to site with steel channel frame construction, aluminum side paneling, dual axles rated for 5,400 to 7,200 lbs. per axles, and electronic dual axle brakes. 

      Practical Features & Options

      Design For Any Fuel Polishing Job

      Be prepare for any fuel polishing job with tool, hose, and pegboard storage for equipment organization. Maintain safety & cleanliness with a 55-gallon waste oil drum, fuel polishing system mounting, and dual fire extinguishers. Opt for optional ramp-style rear door for loading & unloading of rollable fuel polishing skids.
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