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MTC Systems
AXI International’s MTC products are mobile fuel polishing systems that remove water, sludge, sediment, and other contaminants that naturally accumulate in fuel storage tanks. Once onsite, the MTC systems can begin polishing diesel, bio-diesel, jet fuels, light oils, and hydraulic fluids with a multi-stage filtration process. This filtration process will recondition, stabilize, and decontaminate your fuels, restoring them to pristine condition to ensure optimal engine performance and reliability.

Portable System Design

Easily transport your system(s) from site to site for periodic fuel polishing and remediation of fuel storage tanks.

Multi-Stage Filtration

All MTC systems feature a multi-stage filtration process aimed to remove water, sludge, and other fuel contaminants.

Smart System Alarms

Each high capacity MTC system features smart system alarms giving users insight on system statuses.

Adjustable Flow Rates

All MTC HC Series systems feature adjustable fuel polishing flow rates to meet the user’s needs.

AXI International's Portal Fuel Polishing Solutions

Portable Design

Fuel Polishing Carts, Skids & Trailers

All MTC systems feature a cart or skid construction with wheels for ease of movement and portability. All High Capacity (HC) Series systems are available to be mounted on a mobile fuel polishing trailer outfitted with a concession window for easy system access and fuel polishing.

Multi-Stage Filtration

Remove Water, Sludge & Particulates

Each MTC fuel polishing system has multiple stages of fuel filtration to collect ferrous metals, separate water, remove sludge, and catch fine particulates. To save users money, most polishers feature a fine filter bypass, protecting expensive fine filters during the initial removal of larger contaminants. 
MTC System Filter Bypass Graphic
MTC System Smart Alarms Graphic

System Monitoring

Smart System Alarms

All MTC HC Series systems feature smart system alarms that monitor vacuum and pressure readings throughout the system, giving users indication as to when filter elements need to be replaced during the fuel polishing process. Each alarm along with other system statuses are displayed on the included smart filtration controller. 

Adjustable Flow Rates

Variable High Capacity Flow Rates

AXI International provides high capacity mobile fuel polishing systems that can achieve flow rates of up to 300 gallon per minute (GPM) or 1,136 liters per minute (LPM). Each MTC HC series polisher features a Variable Frequency Device (VFD) that controls the motor to achieve a range of high capacity flow rates as needed by the user. 
Variable Frequency Device (VFD) on a MTC HC-300 system
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