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Senior Mechanical Engineer (RU-ME)

Fort Myers, Florida | Research & Development | Aug. 6th, 2021
Job Duties: Lead multi-system integrated equipment projects related to renewable energy and water treatment and management, including design review at all stages of the process, interfacing with internal and external stakeholders, and acting as liaison for testing activities, design reviews, and technical working group meetings to ensure compliance with customer requirements and specifications. Design equipment including a hydro-cyclone for the removal of entrained water from diesel fuel, and testing equipment for the hydro-cyclone prototypes; design modifications for current components of fuel polishing and transfer systems including controls pipe fittings, filters; and design a new generation of controllers for fuel polishing and transfer systems. Understand customer needs through literature review, conducting interviews, competitive and viability analysis, stimulated use studies and evaluating prototypes. Develop instrumentation and protocols to test hypotheses that address key technical risk factors. Analyze and interpret business problems using root cause analysis, hypothesis generations, survey design, bench-marking and other qualitative and quantitative methods. Perform technology and process concept evaluations, various process calculations and economic evaluations to identify the most viable opportunities.

Education and Experience: Requires Ph.D. or foreign degree equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or related field and 1 year progressive experience in job offered or related position.

Send resume(s) to: AXI International, Michael Campbell, 5400 Division Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33905
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