Fuel Storage

Fuel Degradation in Storage Tanks

Diesel fuel begins to degrade less than 30 days from the time it is refined. Because of this degradation, it is important that any industry which relies on stored fuel look towards technologies to help prevent or mitigate the degradation.

AXI International has grown to be an industry leader in fuel maintenance and management solutions, allowing us the understanding of the importance of diesel fuel quality and how it directly relates to diesel engine and fuel system reliability.

AXI International’s team of fuel maintenance experts consider fuel to be an integral reliability component rather than a commodity.

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of your diesel engine, and AXI International believes it should be treated and maintained as such. This ensures fuel reliability and optimizes diesel engine efficiency.

Conditions that Accelerate Fuel Degradation

As diesel fuel ages, many things take place. Diesel fuel reacts with oxygen in the storage tank and results in the development of fine sediments, which can clog fuel filters prematurely.

There are also experienced conditions that may accelerate fuel degradation. With the presence of excess water in a fuel storage tank, microbial growth can proliferate and results in contamination that needs to be removed.

When a fuel storage tank takes on new fuel, even if fuel is free of contaminants, this new fuel could become contaminated and degrade quickly if there are already contaminants existing within the fuel tank.

With a majority of fuel being stored, transferred, transported and stored again many times before it actually experiences combustion, there are many possible fuel contamination points that could affect the end-user.

Not only is contamination an issue for fuel quality, but the effects of diesel fuel contamination can wreak havoc on engine components such as fuel injectors.

This is especially true in countries or regions where standards of fuel quality are already in question in regard to reliability.

The Importance of Fuel Maintenance

Diesel fuel that is maintained and kept in a condition that is as close to refined as possible will always outperform a diesel fuel that is poorly maintained. 

AXI International offers a range of solutions to maintain and purify stored fuel for optimal use and combustion. 

The solutions include the use of AXI fuel conditioning devices, filtration and separation control systems, breathers, monitoring devices, and fuel additives.

Through ensuring proper fuel maintenance, our robust solutions are critical in keeping quality fuel in storage, thus maintaining facility and equipment operations.