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Day Tank Systems (DTS)

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AXI International's Day Tank Systems are ready-use fuel storage tanks constructed to customer specifications. These systems feature double wall construction and a fire safe design, per UL-142 and UL-2085 specifications. The tanks can be configured in tandem with an open or enclosed pump set for the transferring of fuel to and from the storage tank. All tanks are designed with interstitial walls to capture leaks and will alert users of a leak and the current fill levels via the optional controller or facility integrations.

Double Wall Construction

All AXI fuel storage tanks are UL-142 compliant and feature 12-gauge steel double wall construction for an additional layer of protection against fuel leaks.

Modular Design

Each day tank comes standard with Unistrut framing to accommodate a wide variety of pump set configuration pairings for fuel supply and return capabilities.

Smart System Monitoring

Most day tanks feature smart system alarms to alert operators on system statuses. All systems feature dry contacts for external facility integrations.

Robust Upgrade Options

AXI’s day tank systems feature additional system options and upgrades to provide extra levels of passive filtration and routine maintenance of stored fuels.

Day Tank Configurator:

      Day Tank System (DTS) Leak and Fuel Level Detection Graphic

      Double Wall Construction

      Leak Protection & Fire Safe Design

      Protect against fuel leaks with 12-gauge steel double wall tank construction featuring an interstitial leak basin and fuel level detection. Satisfy NFPA 30 and International Fire Codes with UL-142 and UL-2085 tank specifications. Gain confidence in tank reliability with standard hydrostatic strength, top loading, buoyancy, hydrostatic load, tank support load, and lift lug testing. 

      Modular Design

      Unistrut Framing For Pump Set Pairing

      Take advantage of multiple pump set configurations to meet your specific fuel transfer needs. Achieve flow rates ranging from 2 GPM to 16 GPM with redundant supply and return functionalities. Elect for pump sets configured with NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures for protection from the elements such as windblown dust and rain.
      Day Tank System (DTS) Modular Pump Set Graphic
      Day Tank System (DTS) Smart Alarms and BMS Integration Graphic

      System Monitoring

      Smart System Features & BMS Integration

      Get realtime feedback on tank fuel levels, pump set functionality, and system alarm statuses. Integrate day tank pump sets with building management systems (BMS) for remote monitoring and external shutdown capabilities. For day tanks without pump sets, connect to external fuel transfer systems by providing critical tank fuel level feedback for harmonious functionality. 

      Upgrade Options

      Schedule Fuel Polishing Runs

      Take advantage of a range of day tank upgrade options such as a rotary hand pump, continuous level fuel detection, tank capacity readout,  automated and passive filtration integrations, and engine supply water separation and detection.
      Day Tank System (DTS) Upgrade Options Graphic
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