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Diesel Fuel and the Government/Military

Like many other industries, diesel fuel in the government and military is susceptible to contamination which could further impact various machinery and equipment that is critical to maintaining security and operation.

With the hundreds of overseas military bases, embassies, and other US government/military facilities, there is an increased risk of fuel contamination. This contamination can often go unnoticed for months, allowing it to spread and cause further harm as the fuel is supplied to demanding equipment.

Electrical power is crucial to maintaining critical operations, and this is especially true in places where grid power may be unreliable or compromised. When contaminated stored fuel is supplied to backup generators, there runs a risk that contamination will lead to engine component failure.

With mechanical failure comes electrical downtime as damage is assessed and repaired. Depending on the extent of damages, facility operational power could be out for an indefinite amount of time.

These problems could prove to be costly, and a risk to maintaining the security of the facility itself. Thankfully, these fuel-related problems can be mitigated with an adequate fuel maintenance and management plan.

The Alleviation of Diesel Fuel Contamination

From dirt, rust, water, and microbial growth, contamination comes in many different forms. Some contamination may come from the fuel supply before it ever reaches your facility.

This is why AXI International specializes in fuel maintenance and management solutions to combat fuel contamination and optimize fuel reliability.

Our line of intelligent fuel management systems are designed to integrate into your facility’s fuel site and provide fuel filtration and polishing to clean the fuel to a desired reliability standard.

These systems vary in flow rate and have multiple designs for fuel storage tanks of all sizes, allowing for practical fuel conditioning no matter the size of your fuel site.

AXI International’s team of engineers are also available to analyze and design fuel sites to promote fuel flow and maintain fuel quality. Whether it’s the integration of a single tank, or the implementation of multiple bulk storage tanks, transfer systems, fuel polishers and day tanks, our team of experts are able to consult and recommend component and design options.

Diesel Fuel's Effect on Performance & Operations

The effects of diesel fuel contamination can often be felt operationally by equipment users. Oftentimes, the first symptoms of fuel contamination are lapses in engine performance that can come in many different forms.

Some examples of fuel contamination symptoms include:

  • Engine jerks or sputters
  • Low engine power
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Unfamiliar engine noise
  • Poor idling
  • Smoke

These symptoms allude to the possibility of lingering component failure or even complete engine failure. This is why it is important to understand the role fuel quality plays in maintaining engine performance.

An engine is only as reliable and as powerful as the fuel that is supplying it. As engine demands build and technology and mechanical abilities grow, a lapse has developed between the quality of stored fuel and the equipment it is supplying.

Operational performance allows for heightened efficiency and effectiveness in facility operation. This ensures power is maintained through emergencies and critical processes and procedures continue.

AXI International has grown to become industry leaders in fuel management, and our team of experts have developed a product line to enhance fuel quality and preserve the mechanical integrity of the equipment the fuel supports.

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