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Fuel Filtration

Enclosed Fuel
Maintenance Systems (STS)

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AXI International’s STS products are programmable, fully automated, fuel maintenance systems that remove water, sludge, and other contaminants from fuel storage tanks. Once installed, the STS systems work autonomously to ensure fuel reliability through scheduled routine filtration. These enclosed fuel maintenance systems feature NEMA 4 rated enclosures which are designed for permanent installations either indoor or outdoor to service both Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) and Underground Storage Tanks (UST).

Automated Fuel Filtration

All STS fuel maintenance systems are fully automated and can be programmed with a weekly routine for the polishing/filtration of the attached tank and fuel supply.

NEMA Rated Enclosures

Each STS system is constructed inside a standard powder coated NEMA 4 rated cabinet featuring a drip basin with leak detection to alert users in the unlikely event of a fuel leak.

Smart System Monitoring

All STS systems feature smart system alarms giving users insight on system statuses. Each system also features field connections for remote monitoring and shutdown.

Robust Upgrade Options

All 7000 series STS systems have robust system upgrade options to reduce maintenance intervals, increase ease of use, and expand system servicing capabilities.

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    Automated Filtration

    Schedule Fuel Polishing Runs

    Keep your fuel free of contaminants through continual routine filtration. Set a weekly schedule that programs your STS system to run automatically throughout the week. Simply select the days you want your system to filter the fuel and enter up three start and stop times per day.

    NEMA Rated Enclosures

    Indoor & Outdoor Installations

    Protect system components from the elements such as windblown dust and rain with NEMA 4 rated enclosures. Upgrade to NEMA 4X stainless steel for additional protection against corrosion. Prevent unnecessary ground contamination during routine maintenance with a built-in drip basin. Be alerted in the unlikely case of a system leak with an included leak detection float sensor located in the system's drip basin.

    System Monitoring

    Smart System Alarms & BMS Integration

    Get realtime feedback on system statuses via the system's alarms and feedback modules. Know when it is time to change filters and be notified of system errors right as they occur. Integrate your STS fuel maintenance system with your building management system (BMS) for remote monitoring of system statuses and remote system shutdown capabilities.

    Upgrade Options

    Enhanced System Features & Functions

    Expand system capabilities, enhance user insight, and reduce routine maintenance with a robust set of system upgrade options:
    Auto Water Drain
    Automatically drain water separator of collected water for decreased frequency of maintenance
    Additive Injection
    Manually draw additive into the polisher with a dedicated supply port and ball valve
    Multi-Tank Polishing
    Polish fuel across multiple fuel storage tanks with a single system
    Multi-Tank Transfer
    Transfer fuel between multiple fuel storage tanks
    Multi-Point Flow Path
    Add multiple supply and return valves for better tank cleaning coverage
    Fuel Heater
    Warm up circulated fuel to resist gelling in freezing temperatures
    Pressure Transmitter
    Replace standard pressure switch for detailed monitoring of secondary filter life
    Flow Transmitter
    Replace standard flow switch for detailed monitoring of flow rate in the system
    NEMA 4X Enclosure
    Gain additional protection against corrosion with a stainless steel enclosure
    Enclosure Heater
    Prevent the build up of condensation inside the system enclosure due to temperature changes
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