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Diesel Fuel Powering Agriculture

In 1949, the first production diesel tractor was released by John Deere. After many years of research & development, the engineers at John Deere were able to create a diesel-powered tractor that truly raised the bar in regard to agricultural equipment.

Deere’s diesel tractor was capable of power and performance that gasoline-powered tractors were not capable of. Combined with an industry-leading payload rating, diesel engines would forever change the standard of agricultural equipment.

Fast forward to today and a majority of agricultural equipment is running on diesel fuel. Diesel engines typically produce more power and have longer engine lives. From an operational standpoint, diesel equipment lasts longer and can do more effective and efficient work compared to gasoline-powered equipment.

Degradation of Diesel Fuel & Prioritizing Fuel Quality

With using diesel fuel, one must consider the issues that arise with keeping fuel in storage. The effects of diesel fuel contamination can lead to numerous mechanical issues such as poor performance, injector failure and more.

After only 22 days from refinement, diesel fuel begins to degrade. The presence of water in diesel fuel can lead to the development of the “diesel bug”, also known as “algae”. This is better described as microbial growth that feeds on the hydrocarbons in the fuel and produces sludge. An abundance of sludge can clog fuel lines, harm injectors, and continually clog fuel filters prematurely.

To combat these issues, a fuel maintenance and management plan/procedure should be established to maintain fuel quality and avoid preventable equipment failure that is related to fuel quality.

Through prioritizing fuel quality, the mechanical operability of agricultural equipment can be ensured. By focusing on supplying equipment with quality diesel fuel, critical operating equipment can produce more power, last longer, and require less frequent fuel system maintenance.

AXI International is an industry leading manufacturer of Intelligent Fuel Management™ solutions. AXI International offers a broad product line of fuel management and maintenance equipment engineered to optimize fuel quality and promote mechanical operability of agricultural equipment.

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