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AXI’s FTS products are heavy-duty fuel transfer systems that move fuel between the requesting tank and demand source. These units ensure that mission critical systems have a ready and steady fuel supply to run at a moment’s notice. Depending on an individual’s requirements, these systems can be configured with a specific flow rate. Our options range from 2 to 16 GPM and also feature single or dual pumps for redundancy.

NEMA Rated System Enclosure

Each AXI fuel transfer system is enclosed by a standard powder coated NEMA 4 rated cabinet with leak detection to alert users in the unlikely event of a fuel leak, and a drip basin to contain any spills.

Pump Suction Basket Strainer(s)

All FTS systems include a pump suction basket strainer, which filters out large particulates from entering the pump, thus ensuring critical pump components are kept safe from damage.

Smart System Alarms & BMS Integration

AXI’s fuel transfer systems feature smart system alarms that give equipment operators insight on system statuses. Each system also features field connections for remote monitoring and shutdown.

Multi-Tank Fuel Transfer Capabilities

FTS systems are capable of transferring fuel from multiple fuel storage tanks. This allows equipment operators to level the fuel between tanks, as to not allow one to become critically low.

Fuel Transfer System Configurator:

      NEMA Rated System Enclosure

      Ensure your system's components are protected from the elements with NEMA 4 rated enclosures. For extreme environments, upgrade to NEMA 4X rated stainless steel enclosures for additional protection against corrosion.
      Prevent any unnecessary fuel spilling during system maintenance with a built-in drip basin designed to collect any excess fluids.
      Be alerted in the unlikely case of a system leak with a leak detection float sensor mounted to the back of the system's drip basin.

      Pump Suction Basket Strainer

      To prevent pump damage, all FTS systems are equipped with a pump suction basket strainer to remove particulates that could potentially damage pump components.
      The stainless steel basket strainer is removable and reusable, allowing equipment operators to clear build-up within the strainer mesh as necessary.
      Basket strainers are designed for use in systems where a high flow capacity is needed, and the large straining area is responsible for low pressure loss.​

      Smart System Alarms & BMS Integration

      Get realtime feedback on system statuses through the system controller, indicators, and alarms for system power, pump operation, high pressure, no flow, leak detection, and high vacuum.
      Integrate your FTS fuel transfer system into your building management system (BMS) for remote monitoring of the transfer system and remote shutdown capabilities for equipment managers.

      Multi-Tank Fuel Transfer Capabilities

      Using multi-tank, the FTS system is able to pull fuel from multiple source tanks and route the fuel to multiple destination tanks. Operators can use this feature to transfer fuel between tanks, reaching desired fuel levels in a particular tank.
      Can monitor any combination of the source/destination tanks.
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