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Whether your diesel engine is powering your yacht, tractor, or serves as a source for emergency backup power, you rely on up-time and performance.  Due to the advancements in engine technology, it is now more important than ever to maintain your diesel in order to avoid the damaging effects of contaminated fuel.  AXI International has custom engineered fuel systems and solutions that specifically remedy the problems with diesel fuel.  To find out more about diesel fuel problems and solutions in your specific industry,click on a link below – or just contact us.  To learn more about diesel fuel, go through our Diesel 101.


The modern farmer utilizes some of the world’s most advanced mobile machinery available with diesel engines that are no different. They integrate the latest advanced High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injection systems, exhaust gas recirculation, and purification technologies available requiring premium quality diesel.

Fuel Storage

The standards for diesel fuel storage around the world have changed little over the past few decades, with existing standards tending to focus on safety, fire prevention, and environmental containment of the fuel. Not much, however, is done to improve the standards that relate to maintaining the purity of the fuel whilst in storage.


Diesel fuel within the Military can be used in both diesel engines and gas turbines that have been modified to run diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is one of the most critical components within an operating engine. If treated in a poor manner, it can contribute to the failure of the engine and the overall military machine.


Water is difficult to avoid when it is all around you every day, but keeping it out of your diesel tank is an absolute must for any marine operator. At sea diesel fuels mix very well with turbulent conditions. However, it is extremely detrimental to keep water out of a diesel engine given today’s “ultra low sulfur” diesel with reduced lubricity.


When diesel fuel that is not maintained correctly, in “as close to refined” standard as possible, it can cause many issues with your mining equipment such poor startup or failure to start, reduced product rates, reduced availability, low output from the engine, rough idle, increased fuel consumption, excessive smoke, etc.

Msn. Critical

Diesel fuel is often the forgotten commodity with regards to diesel engines. In backup power applications, it is typically purchased, stored, and seldomly used until disaster strikes. It is a fact that poorly maintained diesel is directly responsible for more than 80% of fuel system failures. For many, this downtime could cost them a ton.

Power Gen.

The diesel engines used in today’s power generation systems must maintain peak performance while also burning fuel at economic levels. The latest advancements in injection systems, exhaust recirculation, and purification technologies have certainly assisted in these advancements, but require a proportional quality from their fuel.


Diesel fuel is one of the largest day-to-day costs in the transportation industry. With oil prices rising year to year, the pressure to maintain a profitable business is an ongoing concern. As a result, companies are now seeking methods that can help alleviate these problems with improvement in efficiency and performance.