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AXI fill port systems are compact solutions for convenient filling of fluid or fuel storage tanks. The fill port systems feature an enclosed port for hose connection and a containment basin to collect any fuel that may spill during the filling process. The fill port systems can be mounted to a wall or on a stand, and are capable of providing the user alerts and statuses from the connected storage tank(s).

NEMA Rated Enclosures

Each fill port system is constructed inside a standard powder coated NEMA 4 rated cabinet featuring a spill containment basin with integrated leak detection.

Smart System Monitoring

Most fill port systems feature smart feedback features to indicate tank fill levels and communicate system alerts such as critical high fuel levels to prevent tank overfilling.

Multi-Tank Filling

Most fill port systems have a multi-tank upgrade option, allowing users to fill multiple storage tanks from a single filling location using actuated ball valves.

Assisted Tank Filling

Certain fill port systems feature both pumped and gravity fed tank filling options by providing an integrated system pump that can pull fuel from an attached gravity tanker truck.

Fill Port NEMA rated cabinets graphic

NEMA Rated Enclosures

Indoor & Outdoor Installations

Protect system components from the elements such as windblown dust and rain with NEMA 4 rated enclosures. Upgrade to NEMA 4X stainless steel for additional protection against corrosion. Prevent unnecessary ground contamination during routine filling with a built-in spill basin. Be alerted in the unlikely case of a leak or spill with an included leak detection float sensor located in the system's spill basin.

System Monitoring

Smart System Alarms & BMS Integration

Get realtime feedback on system statuses via the system's alarms and feedback modules. Know when a tank is full and be protected from tank overfilling with an automated valve shut off in case of a critical high fuel level. Integrate your fill port system with your building management system (BMS) for remote monitoring of system statuses and tank fill levels.
Fill Port smart alarm and BMS integration graphic
Fill Port Multi-Tank graphic

Multi-Tank Filling

One Port - Four Tanks

Connect the fill port system to up to 4 separate tanks for easy filling from one central location. Get realtime feedback on each tank's fill level and be notified of high fill levels as soon as they occur. Prevent tank overfilling with automated valve shutoffs for each connected tank. 

Assisted Tank Filling

Gravity Fed & Pumped Filling Options

Achieve pump assisted or gravity fed tank filling with an available pumped fill port. Experience fill rates of up to 300 GPM with an integrated pump while also maintaining a secondary port option for unassisted filling.
Pump Fill Port (PFP 3300) integrated fill pump graphic
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