Diesel and Mission Critical Industries

Mission Critical Diesel Engines need to operate at a moment’s notice and, in some applications, can literally be the difference between life and death. As such, the fuel being stored for use must be maintained in a pristine condition and as close to an “as refined” condition as possible to ensure ultimate reliability.

AXI International understands not only the criticality of your industry but also that the diesel fuel being stored for use is one of the most critical “components” of the engine. Our engineering and sales teams design “solutions” not “products” to ensure the most critical component in your engines is available for use as required and in a condition that ensures ultimate reliability.

Common Mission Critical Issues

Diesel fuels, by their very nature are unstable organic hydrocarbons, which degrade over time depending on a multitude of factors. As a fuel breaks down over time, gums and insoluble contaminants are formed within the fuel stock. These, along with solid particulate and water, contribute to the majority of fuel system component wear and failures.

Diesel fuel that is not maintained correctly as close to “as refined” as possible can cause the following common problems:

  • Poor starting or failure to start
  • Low power from the engine
  • Poor or rough idle
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Hunting
  • Increased emissions

Resolution to Mission Critical Issues

Diesel fuel that is maintained in a condition as close to “as refined” as possible will out-perform a diesel fuel that is under or poorly maintained. The solution then is simple: Intelligent Fuel Management employs corrective measures that ensure fuel stability and cleanliness. The solutions include the use of AXI International fuel conditioning devices, filtration and separation control systems, breathers, and monitoring devices.


AXI International manufactures and engineers fuel management solutions and products specifically tailored for Mission Critical diesel fuel applications. Our in-house engineering team can modify, reconfigure, and enhance any of our current solutions to fit your fuel system application, or if necessary, develop a completely custom fuel management solution to meet the most challenging of requirements.

Intelligent fuel port system by AXI International for intelligent fuel management.

The AXI Intelligent Fuel Port is a compact, economical solution for fuel filling with spill prevention and fault alerts for fuel storage tanks.

Transferring system for bulk storage fuel tanks.

AXI Automatic Intelligent Fuel Transfer Systems are heavy-duty fuel transfer systems that move fuel between the request tank and the demanding source.

AXI’s Enclosed Fuel Maintenance Systems are programmable and automated self-contained, stand-alone fuel filtration, separation, and conditioning systems.

Day tank for diesel fuel storage in generators and other applications.

The AXI Ready-Use Fuel Tank is a fuel storage tank constructed to customer specifications. The tanks can be designed in tandem with pumps for transferring fuel to and from the storage tank.