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Fuel Stabilizer

AFC Additive Component
During storage, gasoline will experience slow oxidation of some unstable compounds within the fuel, resulting in gum formation. AFC's fuel stabilizer stabilizes the fuel to prevent the formation of gum deposits for up to 12 months. 


Stabilizes fuel for up to 12 months, preventing fuel oxidation and gum formation.

Fuel Stabilizer TESTING

The following test was conducted using the ASTM D525 testing methodology, which tests the oxidation resistance of gasoline under accelerated oxidation conditions. Testing was performed on several samples of fuel, including one sample that was untreated, three that were treated with a competitor additive, and one that was treated with AFC’s fuel stabilizer. 
  • Testing was terminated if no oxidation occurred within 24 hours under accelerated oxidation conditions.
  • Three competitor additives (A, B, and C) were tested in addition to AFC-705 to compare their efficacy over the base fuel’s oxidation resistance.
  • Both additive C and AFC demonstrated maximum performance with no oxidation occurring during the 24-hour testing period.
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