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AXI International Unveils Full Scope, New Technology Catalog for 2016

Posted February 10, 2016 by Michelle Anderson

Fort Myers, Fla. (February 10, 2016) – AXI International, a global leader in intelligent fuel management and fuel purification systems, has launched this year’s comprehensive, full scope catalog for customers and distributors.

An online version of the publication will be available through a member portal on AXI’s website

Throughout the 71-page publication, readers are encouraged to explore technological advances in fully automated fuel optimization and maintenance systems, mobile and permanent fuel polishing systems, and a variety of products to improve and enhance energy solutions.

The catalog includes detailed charts and graphics to explain best uses for each system and product.

Readers can also refer to the website for even more detail as needed.

“We have distributed product booklets before but not to this extent,” said Jeff Poirier, COO of AXI International. “This comprehensive publication showcases our newest technologies and provides specifications in greater detail. It is a compendium that is commensurate with the highest levels of research and development we are doing at AXI International.”

AXI consulted with customers and distributors to determine what content would meet their needs.

The new catalog encompasses what AXI’s customers have requested.

“At AXI, our unique approach is to recognize our customers’ individual needs and to be fast, flexible, and dynamic with the right solutions,” concluded Poirier.

For more information or to request a catalog, call 1-877-425-4239.

More About AXI International

AXI International, an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau, designs, engineers, and manufactures pre-configured and custom-built fuel solutions.

They work side by side with customers, architects, engineering firms, and facility management companies to create innovative and fully automated fuel optimization and maintenance systems.

Established in 1980, AXI International is headquartered in Fort Myers, Fla. and serves clients from around the globe.

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