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From Diesel to DEF: How AXI is Expanding Its Product Offerings

Posted July 19, 2021 by Caleb Courville

Fort Myers, FL – AXI International announces their new line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) solutions, featuring DEF filling and transferring systems. Stainless steel plumbing and NEMA 4X rated enclosures allow these solutions to handle DEF nearly anywhere, protecting internal components from windblown dust and rain, hose-directed water, ice formations, and corrosion. 

“Having years of experience designing and building fuel management systems, it was a natural evolution to expanding our offerings into DEF.” – Sanjay P. 

The DEF management line launches with two offerings, the FTSD 2005, a programmable transfer system, and the IFPD 1300, an intelligent fill port solution. Combined, these systems aid in the filling and transport of diesel exhaust fluid all while being able to integrate into the larger network of AXI International solutions. 

Overfill Protections

Much like its diesel-handling brother, the IFPD 1300 features overfill protections, preventing unnecessary spills of diesel exhaust fluid during tank filling. Automated Port Shutoff detects fluid levels in the tank and closes the fill port once the DEF has reached a predetermined fill level. A 20-gallon spill containment basin catches any drips or spills which can later be reclaimed via a dedicated drain valve at the system’s base.  

The FTSD 2005 DEF transfer system integrates with tank floats to determine the fill levels of the connected DEF storage tanks. Using the readings from these floats, the DEF transfer system will automatically halt fluid transferring between tanks to prevent overfilling. 

Redundant Design

The FTSD 2005’s dual pump configuration extends the life of the transfer system’s pumps through an alternating use protocol. Each time the system transfers DEF from one tank to another, a different pump is utilized, spreading the lifetime wear across two pumps instead of one. To further extend the life of the system pumps, basket strainers are included to collect abrasive particulate that may find their way into the fluid. 

A fail-safe redundancy is also achieved with the dual pump configuration, allowing the system to continue to run in the unlikely event one of the pumps fail. This redundancy gives operators the opportunity to replace a worn pump without experiencing unplanned downtime due to a sudden pump failure.

Multi-Tank Capabilities

Both DEF management systems can be routed to multiple diesel exhaust fluid storage tanks, reducing the number of systems needed for many sites. 

The FTSD 2005 can transfer DEF between several source and demanding tanks, allowing for centralized management of available diesel exhaust fluid. 

The IFPD 1300 can fill multiple DEF storage tanks from a single location, providing convenience when replenishing multiple diesel exhaust fluid tanks.  

Site Integrations

Site integrations for both DEF management systems can be achieved, enabling system statuses and operations to be accessible via a master control panel or building management system (BMS). These integrations enable users to monitor and even operate their DEF management systems from a centralized location.

System Customization

AXI International’s capabilities include the design of custom DEF management systems to better suit the needs of their customers. DEF transfer system flow rates can be increased or decreased with different pump sizes and DEF fill ports can be resized for different port connections.  

To inquire about a custom DEF solution click here and fill out the form on the following page.

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