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MTC HC-150 mounted on an open trailer

Mobile Fuel Filtration

Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems (MTC)

All MTC fuel filtration systems are portable by design with cart or skid based construction. Each system features a multi-stage fuel filtration process aimed at removing heavy and fine contaminates such as sludge, particulates, and water from fuel storage tanks. The MTC line of mobile fuel filtration systems feature a wide range of flow rates ranging from a 4 GPM hand-carried system up to a skid mounted 300 GPM high capacity solutions.

Compact Fuel Filtration

Compact Fuel Maintenance Systems (FPS)

All compact fuel filtration systems feature a programmable PLC controller that enables schedule-based automated fuel polishing. Each system features multiple stages of fuel filtration aimed to keep your fuel clean and in an optimal state for the utmost reliability. Most FPS fuel filtration can be integrated with the facilities they serves, sharing system alerts with the building management system (BMS) they are connected to. 
FPS LX-F Install
STS 6004 Installation

Enclosed Fuel Filtration

Enclosed Fuel Maintenance System (STS)

All enclosed fuel filtration systems can be programmed to run their multi-staged fuel filtration process each day of the week with up 3 start and stop times for each day. Each system features a NEMA 4 rated cabinet to protect the components from the elements often experienced with outdoor installations. All STS fuel filtration system have the ability to integrated with the facility's building management system (BMS).

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Our fuel experts are here to help! Just tell us about your situation and we would be happy recommend the optimal fuel filtration solution based on your tank type, size, and installation location.

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