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Algae-X: Bill Miller Leads Revitalization of AXI's Presence in the Global Marine Market

Posted April 9, 2019 by Tyler Moore

Fort Myers, Fla. (April 4, 2019) – Congratulations to Bill Miller, AXI International’s new Director of Marine Fueling Solutions Worldwide.

Bill started with AXI International’s predecessor Algae-X nearly 20 years ago when the company focused on providing fuel solutions for the marine industry.

At that time, Algae-X’s flagship product was the in-line magnetic fuel conditioner, better known as the LG-X.

LG-X took off as a phenomenon in the marine industry where it was quickly utilized in both recreational and commercial applications.

Bill Miller’s vast experience, technical understanding, and relentless passion brings a valuable presence as AXI International revives the Algae-X brand within the marine market.

A few years prior to the 2008 recession, Algae-X had begun to diversify its brand presence by expanding into the industrial market.

In 2008, the marine market was hit especially hard by the economic recession and Algae-X had to shift focus to other fuel system solutions in markets less impacted.

However, in recent years the marine industry has seen a steady comeback, with marine manufacturer and consumer confidence reflecting consistent growth.

Algae-X aims to offer proven fuel solutions for marine vessels of all applications through integration of new technologies developed by AXI International.

“Fuel is as worse as it’s ever been, and the tolerances on these engines are tighter than they’ve ever been. The two don’t play well together. Everything we do to enhance the optimal quality of the fuel being provided to the engines on-board is important. Boats find out they have a problem quicker than anybody. The boat can’t move without stirring up the ‘soup’ in the tank. As soon as that happens, it goes right to the filters.”

– Bill Miller, Director of Marine Fueling Solutions Worldwide

Background of image of a LG-X magnetic fuel conditioner installation

With Algae-X’s marine fuel solutions, fuel can be treated with AXI International’s industry proven systems and custom engineered solutions that aim to prevent breakdowns and catastrophic failures related to poor fuel quality.

These solutions are inherently proactive by preventing the problem where it originates (in the tank).

With these offerings, those who would otherwise be affected with the pains of fuel degradation can gain confidence in the overall performance & reliability of their vessels.

Outside of AXI International, Bill Miller is a devoted husband of 30 years to his wife, and a caring father.

Bill is also an avid outdoorsman and golfer, and when it comes to being indoors, Bill expresses “I’m still a kid– I hate being inside.”

AXI International looks forward to working with Bill Miller to grow our international presence within the marine market.

We are excited for AXI International to resurrect the Algae-X name and venture back strongly into the marine industry.

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