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AXI Launches Engineering Services for Custom Solutions

Posted June 17, 2019 by Tyler Moore

Fort Myers, Fla. (June 17, 2019) – We are pleased to announce that AXI International is now formally offering engineering services as part of our growing scope of services & products.

As the industry leader in Intelligent Fuel Management solutions, this step was a logical stride in AXI’s ever-growing presence within the fuel services & products market.

Building upon our background in fuel management and fuel reliability, our expansion into engineering services will only lead to greater industry innovation for all aspects of our business.

Globally, AXI International provides engineering services for a variety of industries. Our experienced team of engineers are dedicated to working with companies to evaluate project demands and offer solutions. Our skilled staff are experts in the development, design, integration, and programming of a range of components, including control panels, PLCs, HMIs, VFD systems, and more.

Working with AXI International ensures you have the proper engineering consultation & guidance to work through your project needs. By using the latest technologies, our team of engineers can address the project and determine ways to increase system capability and reduce potential downtime.

Fuel tank analysis and design using computational fluid dynamics technology and industry best practices.

CEO Jeff Poirier states that “AXI has been performing many different engineering tasks as part of its effort to break into new business. We have also greatly increased our engineering staff level and expertise and can now accommodate many different types of projects. It fits right in with the model we were trying to suit: manufacturer with engineering support for its integration into complex projects.”

Our industry experience in Intelligent Fuel Management has given us the opportunity to broaden our scope of services, as we now provide engineering services for a number of applications. AXI International will continue to serve our industries and provide an unparalleled quality of service, product & expertise.

These Engineering Services include:

These engineering services are crucial to the industries and clients we work with, and through offering these services our goal is to remain as the industry leader in a variety of fuel management & maintenance solutions.

Image comparing the flow path coverage between the standard fuel polishing setup and multi-point flow path system upgrade

Our team is filled with passionate individuals who put everything on the line to make this company who we are today. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this consistency of growth.

By building upon our team of professionals, we are excited to have the manpower and capacity to handle engineering projects of all shapes, sizes, & applications.

“For AXI International, this means that we can transition the engineering team to being a proactive portion of our business. Direct communication between facility engineering firms and our team will assist in integrating our product lines into new projects and also allow us to help these firms create the best possible solution for their clients. It will also bring new opportunities to AXI that may have never presented themselves before. We have brought in many engineers with different backgrounds that give us multiple perspectives for each project and different ways of thinking.”

– Jeff Poirier, CEO

We are confident that with this momentum, we can continue to excel as we explore new opportunities for AXI International. These engineering services are crucial to the industries we work with, and we hope to continue with our pattern of growth and innovation that has lead us to the forefront of the industry.

As we strengthen our current footholds, reinforce old ones, and step out into new innovative areas of opportunity, we are elated to continue building upon the ever-growing vision of AXI International.

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